Re: (M) Little support for writing numbers?

From: John Cowan (
Date: Tue Sep 01 1998 - 16:21:38 EDT

Marco Mussini scripsit:

> - must (should) distinguish between Japanese digits and western digits,
> and disallow the user to write a number by mixing the two sets. But all
> number-related symbols are market as "is digit", without distincion
> about "is digit, more precisely, a japanese digit"... so a routine that
> processes numeric input needs to check the symbols read to figure out if
> the number is being written in jap or western or whatsoever, and then
> apply the rules (e.g. 1 million is 100 x 10000 in Japanese
> ['hyaku-man']), so to assemble what the user types in and to get the
> internal binary representation of the number there is a lot of decisions
> to be taken and there is little support built into the Unicode set for
> taking these decisions.

A Unicode character is of type Nd (decimal digit) if and only if it
can be used to express a number according to the Hindu-Arabic rules.
If its BIDI type is EN, then it is written big-endian; if its type
is AN, then little-endian.

John Cowan
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