Re: Fixing Two Unicode Asymmetries in case conversion

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri Nov 13 1998 - 09:05:54 EST

Ar 05:10 -0800 1998-11-13, scríobh

>As a native speaker of German, I strongly support the introduction of an
>uppercase eqiuvalent to U+00df "ß" (lowercase German sharp s) not only
>for the cited reason. While the "official" German orthographic rules do not
>know an uppercase "ß", you find MANY instances of such a letter in practical
>use. Look at nameplates or newspaper advertisements: You will find a lot
>of "ß" surrounded by capitals, especially when the "correct" "SS" looks
>ugly, silly or (as it is often the case) misleading. Especially in
>advertisings where decorative fonts are used, this is the case.

I have often mentioned having seen such samples (with a sharp S designed to
blend with the capitals, not just a small one stuck in between them), but I
couldn't substantiate it because I didn't have the sample.

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