Re: Fixing Two Unicode Asymmetries in case conversion

From: John Cowan (
Date: Fri Nov 13 1998 - 13:04:04 EST

Mark Leisher wrote:

> Although the existence of "" feels like an imbalance in the symmetry of the
> bicameral Latin letters, I see this problem as being similar to the case of
> Georgian. There is no case, but they have "title" forms of the letters that
> people sometimes mistake for upper case letters.

Another (better, IMHO) analogy is the existence of the seven Latin
ligatures (ff, fi, fl, ffi, ffl, long-S-t, st; Unicodes FB00 to FB06).
These characters have no uppercase single equivalents either. The main
difference between these and SHARP S is that they are algorithmically
predictable (well, if you know the language) and SHARP S is not.

But I am a bit surprised that SHARP S does not have "ss" as a compatibility
decomposition, since it *is* acceptable to use "ss" when SHARP S
is not available.

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