Re: Fixing Two Unicode Asymmetries in case conversion

From: John Cowan (
Date: Mon Nov 16 1998 - 09:53:18 EST

Kenneth Whistler wrote:

> We also don't give a compatibility decomposition of "ae" for U+00E6 LATIN
> SMALL LETTER AE, even though for sorting in many languages it is treated
> equivalent to "a+e",

And rightly so. I don't expect decompositions to do the right thing
for sorting, and in other languages U+00E6 is *not* replaceable by
"ae". Likewise, it would be bad to give "ue" as a decomposition for
U+00FC, since that works only in German, But

> SHARP S is treated as equivalent to
> a modified "s+s".

is globally true, since only German uses this letter.

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