Re: A Search for Exemplary Sentences

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Wed Nov 18 1998 - 05:52:17 EST

Ar 22:14 -0800 1998-11-17, scríobh Markus Kuhn:

>Some common good test phrases I know are:
>de: Falsches ˆúben von Xylophonmusik quˆ§lt jeden grˆˆüeren Zwerg
>de: Zwˆlf Boxkˆ§mpfer jagten Sven quer ˆºber den Sylter Deich
>de: Heizˆlrˆºckstoˆüabdˆ§mpfung (jqvwxy)
>en: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
>pl: PchnŸÖŸá w tŸô ‰Çˆ„d‰† je‰ºa lub o‰õm skrzy‰Ñ fig

I guess it is too early to send UTF-8 messages generally to internet lists.
This is just gibberish to poor Eudora.

>Do you know any other sentences that contain all characters or words
>that contain at least all non-ASCII characters of a language?

ga: D'fhuascail Íosa Úrmhac na hÓige Éava agus Ádhaimh.

Only has the accented capitals but those are the ones people often missed
in implementations.

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