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From: Lori Brownell (
Date: Wed Nov 18 1998 - 13:23:42 EST

If you're using NT4 and install the IE4 product that is enabled for Arabic,
then you can use the MultiByteToWideChar and WideCharToMultiByte Win32 APIs
to convert code points from ISO-8859-6 to Unicode then from Unicode to
UTF-8. Use code page numbers 28596 for 8859-6 and 65001 or CP_UTF8 for the
UTF-8 in your API calls. There is a conversion utility called UCONVERT,
along with source code, in the Win32 SDK that will do these types of

If you have any troubles, let me know.

Lori Brownell (
Group Program Manager - Windows OS Division
Microsoft Corp.

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> My name is Michael Flowers, and I work for DIGITAL Equipment, a
> subsidiary of Compaq Computer Corporation. I attended the Unicode
> conference in San Jose, CA this past September, and I was wondering if I
> could find out some information.
> A project that I am working on with the US Department of Defense, is
> a dictionary lookup tool in foreign languages. The language they have
> requested first is Arabic. I was wondering if you had any information on
> converters of ISO-8859-6 Arabic text over to UTF-8 encoding? We are using
> the CYBERBIT font from Bitstream, Inc. on our NT machine.
> In the future, we would like to convert other dictionaries in other
> languages over to store in our database/lookup tool, hence the need for
> the
> CYBERBIT font. We would like to be able to display the text from multiple
> languages on one page. Thanks in advance for any information you can
> provide.
> Sincerely,
> Michael Flowers
> Technology Consultant
> DIGITAL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Compaq Computer Corporation

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