Re: UTF-8 text samples

From: Roman Czyborra (
Date: Sun Nov 22 1998 - 19:28:13 EST

> > Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=ISO-8859-1; name=MES
> Hmm, yes don't know how to fix that one with pine. Any suggestions?

For my UTF-8 messages, I use a handy wrapper called upine

        exec pine -character-set=UTF-8 ${1+"$@"}

That way I can share my ~/.pinerc configuration both for UTF-8 and
ISO-8859-1 mail and switch back and forth more easily.

Jungshik Shin wrote:

> I've been pushing Pine developers to come up with a way to enable
> users to designate MIME charset *per* attachment basis(and per header
> basis as different mail headers can use different MIME charsets) and to
> change MIME charset (temporarily) in mail composition screen(instead of
> configuration menu) for a couple of years, but virtually nothing has
> been added to their I18N/L10N support since Pine 3.93 or so.

Pine does have quite some UTF-8 routines in Mark Crispin's
imap/c-client/src/utf-8.[ch] but so far they are only used
for searching.

Another widespread MIME labler in need of
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 support
is the browser.

Markus> pl: Pchnąć w tę łódź jeża lub ośm skrzyń fig
Michael> I guess it is too early to send UTF-8 messages generally to internet lists.
Michael> This is just gibberish to poor Eudora.

Not so to Pine if you use the mailcap entry from or |Pipe the ra^W text to xviewer yudit. says:

        All mail-displaying programs created or revised after
        January 1, 1999, must be able to display mail that uses the UTF-8
        charset. Another way to say this is that any program created or
        revised after January 1, 1999, that cannot display mail using the
        UTF-8 charset should be considered deficient and lacking in standard
        internationalization capabilities. Of course, all mail-displaying
        programs should try to meet this requirement as early as possible.

We still have 40 days to go until 1999-01-01.


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