Re: Glyphs of new Unicode 3.0 symbols

From: Roman Czyborra (
Date: Mon Nov 23 1998 - 19:27:55 EST

> > helped me to compress the
> > into one handy
> > font (150 KB)
> Distributing such a font may put you in violation of
> international copyright law.

I do know that I have to respect the copyrights and therefore I did
double-check the "Terms of use" located at where I found a license
to use the files for informational purposes in the creation of
products supporting the Unicode Standard.

> > 1. Distribute the bitmaps from on the CD-ROM
> > to relieve the server
> Those fonts don't belong to

I was not talking about the underlying proprietary fonts but just the
coarse bitmap prints that are published on already
and in such low a "font" quality that they are only usable for
academic purposes anyway. And it was only a suggestion.

> > 3. Add an "ASCII transliteration" mapping to each Unicode character
> > so that it can be rendered readable in ASCII contexts
> Are you volunteering to create the transliterations?

Hm... I could start coordinating something about that in December.
There are already some incomplete tables in the source codes of and

ME> This is way out of scope for the Unicode Consortium. They have
ME> more pressing things to do. However, some work on such Fallback
ME> is going on in CEN.

A simple and comprehensive (reversible or lossy?) Unicode->ASCII
transliteration could also be a task for
but an ISO standard printed on paper would not help Unicode
implementors who need tables in electronic form as provided on the servers and the convenient Unicode CD-ROM.

> > 6. Add mapping tables for the other ISO standards listed as source
> > standards in chapter R.1 but not in mappings/iso*/
> Again, are you volunteering?

Don't these tables already exist as a by-product of collecting the
Unicode repertoire from the source standards?

> Although dotless j is a valid and useful glyph for making various
> j's with accents above, there is no evidence for its use as a
> character anywhere. (mapped to Unicode in incidentally) contains \jmath as &jnodot;
- isn't that a source standard and thus strong enough an argument?

> it is your responsiblity to fill out the proposal summary form, make
> a proposal sith examples, and submit it to WG2 or the UTC.

Honestly, I would prefer to leave that to the professionals working on
Unicode completion and have them pick up these ideas at some point.


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