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Date: Thu Nov 26 1998 - 16:20:40 EST

At 3:47 AM -0800 11/24/98, Michael Everson wrote:
>Ar 02:52 -0800 1998-11-24, scríobh Joerg Knappen:
>>On Michael Everson's website
>>I found a proposal on the Tifinagh script,
>>calling for comments. Here is mine:

Is anyone here in contact with the people doing Omega (32-bit full Unicode
TeX)? They were with Université Laval in Québec when I met them at a
Unicode conference a few years ago. Although they weren't exhibiting, they
had samples of a beautiful font for Tifinagh, among many others. The plan
was to do all of Unicode and more.

They permit use of all of their fonts as part of their freeware product, so
I assume that they would be happy for us to use them and send other users
their way. I haven't checked to see whether the fonts are in PostScript or
Metafont, but I seem to recall that there is a Metafont to PostScript

The URL is <>

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