Re: Free Unicode Fonts (was Re: Tifinagh)

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Thu Nov 26 1998 - 18:30:52 EST

    Edward> Is anyone here in contact with the people doing Omega (32-bit full
    Edward> Unicode TeX)? They were with Université Laval in Québec when I met
    Edward> them at a Unicode conference a few years ago. Although they
    Edward> weren't exhibiting, they had samples of a beautiful font for
    Edward> Tifinagh, among many others. The plan was to do all of Unicode and
    Edward> more.

    Edward> They permit use of all of their fonts as part of their freeware
    Edward> product, so I assume that they would be happy for us to use them
    Edward> and send other users their way. I haven't checked to see whether
    Edward> the fonts are in PostScript or Metafont, but I seem to recall that
    Edward> there is a Metafont to PostScript translator.

    Edward> The URL is <>

I think the Omega fonts are still Type1 fonts, but Yannis Haralambous did a
marvelous job on them. The Metafont to Type1 translator (done by Dan Berry et
al) was written in Pascal. Several years ago, I heard rumors someone had done
a freely available port to C, but was never able to substantiate it.
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