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From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Mon Nov 30 1998 - 12:39:45 EST

Marion Gunn wrote on 1998-11-30 15:06 UTC:
> The third option, if that fails, is for the owner of the to write to
>, requesting him/her to kill off the offending
> address locally. Of course, any ordinary (non-owner) Unicode list user
> can terminate the nuisance personally by going straight to option three!

I reported this problem already last Saturday after I saw the first few
messages. However, my report bounced from the French Ministry with the
same error message, so I modified my exim incoming mail filter rules to
redirect all mail from into the "junk" folder.
Problem solved (for me at least).

Instead of LISTSERV (ancient Bitnet stuff), as Michael suggested, I'd
prefer more modern standard mailing list software, preferably Majordomo,
which is what practically everyone else is using these days, or a Usenet

In general it is a good idea not to bring up such topics on mailing
lists, because there are always dozens of people working behind the
scenes to fix the problem anyway. The only rational thing to do with
unwanted mail is to ignore it and recycle the bits.

OK, back to Unicode.


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