finished thesis on Unicode in Unix

From: Roman Czyborra (
Date: Mon Nov 30 1998 - 14:57:13 EST

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Dear Unicoders:

Doped with two liters of cola and looking like a zombie, this morning
I have printed 120 pages worth of illustrated hypertext about the
Unicode character set in the Unix environment and turned it in as my
thesis. Its summary at is in
German (I may get to providing Dutch/English/Russian translations
later) but from there it branches into all English pages: says where Unicode comes
from, describes why we
need it, provides an
introduction into its characters, and more detailed reading may be
found through (revised) gives a summary of all Unicode
transformation formats, lists the pros and cons of each of them and
includes a preliminary survey of UTF-8-aware software for Unix. (not yet revised) advertises the pleasant
features of the free Unicode text editor Yudit for the X Window
System, continues to discuss Unicode
fonts and build a free 8x16/16x16 pixel font for it already covering
34'554 characters,
demonstrates the workings of Unicode terminals and calls for the
implementation of a free unicoded xterm replacement - I haven't had
the time to work in the character-terminals-are-dying position yet. describes how I used
Unicode to generate the 8bit charset fonts and code charts at iso8859.html and cyrillic.html have
had corrections and new baby sisters {cjk,iso{2022,6429,6937}}.html

As always, I welcome constructive criticism and intend to keep the
pages in good shape so that they can serve as permanent targets to
link to even if my writing may be slow.

Happily yours, Roman

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