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Hi Tex. The paragraph below is from

"Microsoft plans no product updates for any versions of the MS-DOS operating
system. We are currently planning to release a euro bitmap font for Windows
3.1x and Windows for Workgroups 3.1x. When this is available, it will be
posted. Third-party solutions are available now to support the euro symbol
in Windows 3.1x. "

There are euro-updates available for Win95 and NT4 (Win98 and NT5 are
already euro compliant). See the web site for

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This question came my way:
Are the DOS codepages updated for the Euro?

I know about IBM 858, but this is for OS/2, and DOS is a Microsoft thing
these days. A customer relying on DOS programs is asking how to address
his requirements for printing Euro and other work with Euro in his DOS

Is MS doing anything for DOS users?

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