Re: Euro on DOS codepages.

Date: Wed Dec 02 1998 - 08:42:47 EST


IBM updated PC-DOS to PC-DOS 2000 to include fixes for known bugs, to make
it year-2000-safe, and to have the Euro currency symbol.
The codepage 858 should be available for that, not only for OS/2. As far as
I remember, you don't need to change your codepage specifications from 850
to 858 to get this change, but better make sure once you get the new DOS.

For PC-DOS 7, you can also get a FixPak to make it year-2000-safe and to
include the Euro symbol.


markus (no, I am not speaking for IBM)

Markus Scherer IBM RTP +1 919 486 1135 Dept. Fax +1 919 254 6430 (Tex Texin) on 98-12-02 04:09:40
Subject: Euro on DOS codepages.

This question came my way:
Are the DOS codepages updated for the Euro?

I know about IBM 858, but this is for OS/2, and DOS is a Microsoft thing
these days. A customer relying on DOS programs is asking how to address
his requirements for printing Euro and other work with Euro in his DOS

Is MS doing anything for DOS users?

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