Re: UTF-8 character list

From: Jonathan Rosenne (
Date: Fri Dec 11 1998 - 00:16:19 EST

I looked at it with IE, and although I have not defined any UTF-8 fonts it
shows correctly the Latin-1, Hebrew, Arabic and Cyrillic characters using
fonts I have in my system.


At 12:32 10/12/98 -0800, wrote:
>For my own use, I dumped an abbreviated version of the Unicode character
>database into UTF-8, so that I can see the characters in the fields with my
>browser. I posted it on
>in case anyone else is interested.
>It is a simple formatted list, to avoid the overhead of a huge table. The
>page is marked as UTF-8, so the browser should pick up the right encoding.
>If not, you can override it with the following menus.
>IE: View>Fonts>UTF-8
>Nav: View>Encoding>UTF-8
>If your browser doesn't have a Unicode font as the default when viewing
>UTF-8, you can set it with:
>Nav: Edit>Preference>Appearance>Fonts
>IE: (not sure how to do this in IE)

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