Re: Using *-iso10646-1 X11 fonts with Netscape 4.06

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Fri Dec 11 1998 - 10:14:47 EST

    Markus> on my X server, but Communicator does not allow me to select this
    Markus> font (which has a much larger repertoire than the quite built-in
    Markus> "NSPseudoFonts" that Communicator offers me only as fonts for
    Markus> UTF-8).

    Markus> Does anyone here know, how I can bring Communicator 4.06 to use a
    Markus> proper normal X11 ISO 10646-1 font offered by the X11 server for
    Markus> displaying UTF-8 files, instead of these strange builtin fonts? Or
    Markus> is it a bug that Netscape Communicator does not offer me the
    Markus> *-iso10646-1 fonts offered by the server in the UTF-8 font menu?

Markus, over the holiday I will be doing a bit of work on Mozilla. I'll see
if it is fixed in the latest sources. If so, then you can probably check out
the sources and build it.

I'll let you know.
Mark Leisher
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