Re: News of AFII: international standard registry of glyp...

From: John Jenkins (
Date: Wed Dec 23 1998 - 13:11:30 EST

Asks Werner:

>Nevertheless, can you explain the reasons why you need some area in
>the CUS? For backward compatibility?

Basically. Apple has been saddled -- largely by overzealous Far Eastern
font vendors -- with a lot of cruft in our WorldScript character sets. We
don't believe they should be in Unicode, but to provide round-trip
compatibility (and so that Unicode can be used as a hub when we're
converting between various Mac-specific character sets), we have to have
them somewhere. So we stick them in the CUS.

>Adobe and MS probably have the
>same reasons...
>Most likely, Unicode level 2 isn't implemented yet...

I'm sorry, you lost me here. What do you mean by Unicode level 2?

John H. Jenkins

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