Re: News of AFII: international standard registry of glyp...

From: Werner LEMBERG (
Date: Fri Dec 25 1998 - 09:07:15 EST

   It's also not true for the relevant Microsoft products. Arabic,
   Hebrew, and Thai Windows 98 and Windows NT obviously don't assume a
   1-1 Unicode character to glyph model. All versions of Windows 2000
   (new name for Windows NT 5.0) will be able to display these complex
   scripts (our name for those that *require* an n to m
   character->glyph model) correctly.

This is good news! But is this the intended successor for Windows 98
too? My email was a bit exaggerated, I know, but at least I've got
some reactions :-)

Same question: Does need MS code points in the CUA for glyph
variants? And if yes, why?


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