Re: News of AFII: international standard registry of glyp...

From: John Jenkins (
Date: Sat Dec 26 1998 - 11:47:10 EST

> >Most likely, Unicode level 2 isn't implemented yet...
> I'm sorry, you lost me here. What do you mean by Unicode level 2?
>Am I probably incorrect?
>IR 174 (Escape sequence <ESC> % / C) is described as UCS-2 level 2 --
>combining characters are omitted.

Yes, this is incorrect. As has been pointed out, the concept of "levels" is
pertinent only to ISO/IEC 10646, not Unicode. (The use of "UCS-2" is a
giveaway.) Unicode corresponds to a level 3 implementation of 10646.

In any event, level 2 of 10646 doesn't mean that combining characters are
omitted. Rather, combining characters are allowed only for those scripts
which absolutely require them (Hebrew, South Asian scripts, and so on) but
not allowed for European scripts.

John H. Jenkins

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