Re: Characters changing (was Collation TR)

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Mon Jan 11 1999 - 12:29:19 EST

You will have to get fairly recent versions of the software. You'll have to
upgrade your Netscape to 4.X--I don't know about ccMail. Older software will
misinterpret the character codes.

Also, I have noticed that Internet Explorer (Windows) sometimes stops reading around Armenian. Hitting
the refresh button loads a few more lines (sometimes), but it doesn't go much

Any MS folk know what is going on?


Chris White wrote:

> Help! I am confused about when various pieces of software under
> various operating environments may quietly transform characters.
> To take bit one example:-
> On
> the UTF-8 string for the Thai character cho ching is happily rendered
> by my browser (Netscape Navigator 3.0) as:
> a-grave cedilla per_mille_sign
> (and it comes out on the printer like that as well)
> which by my reckoning is the correct UTF-8 string for U+0E09.
> When I read the email from Mark Davis 8/1/99 14:19, that same string
> is rendered by my email (Lotus cc:Mail 6.3) as:
> a-grave comma percent_sign
> which is a mal-formed UTF-8 string anyway.
> Both the Netscape and the email are running under Windows 3.11.
> I am endeavouring to assess how much trouble this sort of quiet
> character transformation (or bit pattern transformation if you like)
> is going to give us in the BL as we move towards keeping our huge
> quantity of bibliographic data in Unicode.
> Chris White
> Systems Analyst
> The British Library


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