Re: Unicode support under Linux

From: John Cowan (
Date: Tue Jan 12 1999 - 11:53:23 EST

Markus Kuhn wrote:

> Yudit is probably the best Linux UTF-8 editor currently available.
> [...] There is also Plan9's Sam, which
> I've not yet used myself.

I am a regular Sam user under Win32; the interface is the same for
Win32 and Unix/Plan 9. It is a full-function editor, similar to vi
(it even has a command line that is close to, but more powerful than,
ex), whereas Yudit seems to be more of a Notepad-type minimal editor.

The Sam home page (of sorts)
is at ;
a Linux version is available at sunsite and elsewhere;
the Win32 version is available at .

There is also Wily (,
a Unix implementation of the Plan 9 Acme editor. Wily represents
a very different way of doing things, and I am not as comfortable
with it as with Sam yet, but I'm learning. Although not command
configurable in emacs style, it is meant to form the nucleus of a
live-in environment: one of its features is that *any* text can be
a command (stuff selected with the middle button is executed), so
menus are just windows with suitably chosen text. Make sure you
run Wily on a robust kernel.

I should also mention, though I don't use it, 9term, which is a
Unix/X port of the Plan 9 terminal emulator. Its home page is .

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