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From: Alfinito, Charles (
Date: Tue Jan 12 1999 - 12:11:31 EST


I'm new on the list and signed up hoping I can get some help. I have a job
that involves saving files to Rich Text Format. I then run the RTF code
through a translation that changes the code to a generic representation that
we manipulate then it's put back into RTF.

Unicode is presenting a problem. For example, a ~ may be the character in a
file. Normally in RTF this would be shown as \'98. Recently I had a file
with the unicode, \u8776\'98. This character should have been an
"infinity". Since my program can't handle the Unicode RTF (\u8776) it
ignores it and changes the \'98 to a ~ which obviously is wrong.

Does anyone know how Unicode is deriving the number (as in \u8776). I know
it has to do with the ANSI code page but I can't figure out if there is any
ryhme or reason to the Unicode numbers it is assigning or the combination of
Unicode and RTF (\u8776\'98). If I know then I could program the Unicode
characters. I've been looking for some sort of table.

I have the Unicode book but there is nothing about RTF. Any help???


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