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"In this case, you have 8776 = U+2248 (ALMOST EQUAL TO), and
the approximation is the TILDE."

I'm not as deep into this info as you guys are. Forgive me. Where would I
get the conversions such as 8776 + U+2248.

A hex calculator :-) Decimal 8776 is Hexadecimal 2248.

RTF writes decimal values for \u#### and hexadecimal for \'##. The Unicode
notation U+#### is hexadecimal.

For mappings between Unicode and various codepages and encodings, see the
tables on the Unicode web site. Most systems with Unicode support provide
mappings between legacy encodings and Unicode. On Windows this is
MultiByteToWideChar and WideCharToMultiByte (you may need to install
additional codepage support on your system, depending on where you're
getting your RTF).

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