Re: UTF-8 in Linux console

Date: Wed Jan 13 1999 - 09:05:08 EST

    From: "H. Peter Anvin" <>

    Something that is a major concern to me is the fact that the Linux
    console is a botch of ISO 2022, in a way that really isn't fixable
    (ISO 2022 treats the two halves of an 8-bit charset separately, Linux
    doesn't. The current select code <ESC> ( B for ISO 8859-1 is really
    the code for US-ASCII in the G0 area, and so is the *same* for *all*
    the ISO 8859 codes -- they differ only in their G1 codes.) I'm
    somewhat at a loss for how to fix it, too. One option is to say that
    we don't care, and assign our own escape codes to everything. That
    would rather suck, though.

There is no reason why we couldnt do it precisely following
ISO 2022. Nobody knows these details. Nobody uses these details.
And if someone does, then this is part of the changes to 2.4.
I think we can make the changes almost invisible.

But of course parts of ISO 2022 are obsolete. (The
G0 part is fixed by definition following ISO 4873.)


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