Re: CCCII and CNS questions

From: Doug Schiffer (
Date: Thu Jan 14 1999 - 00:37:01 EST

Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> I'm currently working on a CCCII->CNS mapping table by printing out
> CCCII and CNS glyphs side by side (I'll probably post this on a server
> in case someone is interested -- expect a set of *large* PS files).
> As a starting point, I use Christian Wittern's mapping data from his
> cefdb database of the kanjibas project.

You and I seem to be on amazingly similar paths. I got a copy of the
very same database file, and have converted it to a dBase version. I
have been writing a Visual Basic application to display the characters
side by side to check&correct errors. Using manual methods, I've
already found a few. Once I have the full application up an running, I
expect I'll find quite a few more.

My ultimate goal is to assemble a list of characters outside the current
Unicode set. Towards this end, the characters will be displayed in 3
columns, with CNS, CCCII and Unicode code points and glyphs from the
representative sets.

I've been working on this as a low priority project - just a couple of
hours a week....

Once I have the application written, would you be interested in a copy?
This would be a Win '95/NT application, and would use the stock bitmap
files from and

> The used fonts are the CCCII bitmaps from
> (the newest bitmap files are dated
> Feb 25th, 1993), converted to a large BDF font (cccii64.bdf) by
> Yasuoka Koichi (which I've eventually converted into a set of fonts in
> HBF format), and the CNS bitmaps from (cns40-[1-7].hbf,
> dated from March 4th, 1994).
> My questions: are these bitmap fonts normative? A quick check with
> the ISO character set registry shows that the CNS fonts look
> identically, but what about CCCII? I know that a lot of glyphs are
> waiting for being scanned in (due to lack of founding and interest),
> so it is incomplete unfortunately. But have the glyphs in these
> bitmap fonts been checked for correctness? Are there newer/better
> bitmaps resp. mapping tables available for CCCII? AFAIK, simplified
> Chinese, Korean, and Japanese glyphs should be incorporated too but I
> have no data...
> Werner
> PS: CCCII is a collection of CJK glyphs *with glyph variants*, thus a
> 1-1 mapping to Unicode isn't possible (and not very useful too);
> the CCCII fonts contain about 74000 glyphs, the CNS fonts about
> 48000.

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