Re: CCCII and CNS questions

Date: Fri Jan 15 1999 - 01:31:46 EST

Dear Sirs

I have 45 volumes of "Taisho Shinshu Daizokyo" as of today, The total
characters is about 100 millions.

I used CCCII code for input, the package is published "Joint Tech Taiwan" .

The missing character of first 10 volumes is about 150 per volumes. The
total missing character of "Taisho Shinshu Daizokyo" will be over 10,000
(not including Tibetan).

And about 40% of the missing character can not be found in "Kang Shi

I plan to hire some girl graduated from "Chinese literature" in PRC to do
proof-reading after this summer to make the list of missing characters.

As I know "Taiwan Bridge" will have a package can have CCCII/CNS/Unicode...
and apply on WIN95/NT...

P.S. I aleady resign, can reach me.

Ciao Jin Ko (Taiwanese name)
Arthur Hsiao

> me>Almost normative. I've found very few differences there...
> Werner>What kind of differences?
> For example, 226259 was deleted from the normative book because
> it was a duplication of 222F50, but the font still includes 226259.
> For another example, 234F4C was moved to 516038 in the book
> because it was considered as a variant of 216038, but it still
> remains at old point in the font. Such changes have been made
> day by day in CCCII, so the font will never catch up the normative.
> Werner>This is character `8839' in IR 171... No, the bitmap I have is not
> Werner>identical -- it has the `water' radical instead for this character.
> Werner>But the latest corrections to IR 171 are dated from 1994-Jul-07,
> Werner>the bitmaps are from 1994-Mar-09, so this may be one of the
> Werner>corrections. Who is responsible for this?
> The correction made on 1994-Jul-07 was the addition of 64th row (it
> was missed in ISO-IR 171 and 172 before). The glyphs were unchanged.
> So I understood that it was an error of the font, So I voluntary
> corrected some glyphs owing to the standard book "CNS 11643 X5012"
> of ROC. Please get the new fonts from
> but I suspect they still include some errors...
> Best Regards,
> Koichi Yasuoka

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