Re: Q: Unicode 2.1 available in printed form (book)?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Jan 29 1999 - 13:02:22 EST

Eric Maryniak asked:

> Please excuse me for possibly asking a stupid question, but I'm new
> to this list and could not find the answer on
> It seems that the latest printed (as book) Unicode standard is 2.0.
> However, there are quite a number of significant changes (a/o euro) in 2.1.
> Is there a release date for 2.1 in book form?

No. Version 2.1 will only be published as the Unicode Technical Report #8.

What we are working on now is The Unicode Standard, Version 3.0, which
is scheduled to be published (as a complete book) sometime this fall.
That will roll in Version 2.1, but also the additional 10,000 or so
characters that have been approved for addition by the Unicode Technical

--Ken Whistler

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