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From: Hajd˙ Gergely (
Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 11:13:08 EST

Could you help me, please?

My problem is: I have to use some "exotic" (Hungarian, Romanian)
characters in a Web page I'm working on -- together with Western
(Danish, French) ones which means a Central-European only character set
like ISO-8859-2 is not a solution for me. Well, users of current Windows
and Mac OS have some Unicode fonts installed, haven't they? I found the
Unicode decimal values (over 300). Half of my books and the online
resources I consulted says I should declare the META charset as ISO
10646-UCS-2; the others say, as ISO/IEC 10646-1. I tried both but the
results are the same: when I load the page my browsers' View menu shows
they keep on using the default. (ISO 8859-1.) Actually, MSIE displays
what I wanted; Navigator shows question marks in place of the accented
characters until I choose Encoding/UTF-8 manually! But I'm afraid it is
something the average visitor hates to be instructed to do...


Gergely Hajdu

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