BIDI Algorithm--new version

Date: Fri Feb 12 1999 - 14:06:26 EST

A new revision (#3) of UTR#9 UNICODE BIDIRECTIONAL ALGORITHM is available
on It has been moved to DRAFT
status by the UTC.

This is the revision of the BIDI algorithm which is to be incorporated into
Version 3.0 of The Unicode Standard. The main
changes from Version 2.1 are to clarify the precise results of the
algorithm. In addition, there have been some normative changes that will
affect the results of the algorithm in edge cases. These normative changes
have been approved by the Unicode Technical Committee.
Additional editorial changes will be made before the text appears in
Version 3.0. Included in this will be lifting all normative text up into
format of explicit rules, adding explicit definitions, and renumbering the
rules for consistency.


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