Fw: [nelocsig] Need help with character ROM creation

From: Suzanne Topping (stopping@rochester.rr.com)
Date: Fri Feb 12 1999 - 20:14:05 EST

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From: Scott Bass <sbass@altrans.com>
To: nelocsig@egroups.com <nelocsig@egroups.com>
Date: Friday, February 12, 1999 6:32 PM
Subject: [nelocsig] Need help with character ROM creation

>I need to find someone with the capability of creating character ROM
>codepages for use with LCD displays. Our current need is for Cyrillic. I
>would gladly hear from both companies and independent contractors.
>Please email me at sbass@altrans.com. And, as is typical, IT'S URGENT!!!
>Scott Bass
>Advanced Language Translation
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