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Date: Wed Mar 03 1999 - 14:03:06 EST

thanks for the corrections. this modifies the numbers as follows:

The total number of free columns is: [up 5]

    405 columns * 16 = 6480 code values

Assuming that columns "in" named and used blocks are
not going to be used for new scripts, this is
the total number of free columns for new scripts: [down 13]

    340 columns * 16 = 5440 code values

(the "between" columns)

2680-26ff 8 (in Miscellaneous Symbols)
d7b0-d7ff 5 (between Hangul Syllables and Surrogates Area)
fa30-faff 13 (in CJK Compatibility Ideographs)


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John Cowan <> on 99-03-03 12:17:23

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Subject: Re: free code values in unicode 3.0 wrote:

> 2680-26ff 8 (between Miscellaneous Symbols and Dingbats)

This is not correct, at least as of Unicode 2.0 (and 10646 too).
The Miscellaneous Symbols block is the whole Row 2600-26FF. There
is no grid in Chapter 7 of Unicode 2.0 for these 8 columns because no
characters are allocated there, so this hole should be reported
within Misc. Symbols.

You omit a five-column hole at D7B0-D7FF, between Hangul Syllables
and High Surrogates. The Everson map (3.3) incorrectly shows only
a 4-column hole.

> fa60-faff 10 (between CJK Compatibility Ideographs and Alphabetic
> Presentation Forms)

This is a hole within CJK Compat Ideos; same argument as above.

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