need pointers to WWW pages that fail

From: Hart, Edwin F. (
Date: Wed Mar 03 1999 - 14:57:14 EST

Please send messages directly to me.

I am trying to identify the value of my work on the Unicode and 10646
standards. If you can point me to some web pages with the types of problems
described here, I would appreciate it. I have about a day to respond, so if
you cannot respond quickly do not waste your time. My organization does
mostly mathematics and science with all work done in English. I see the
value of the standards in being able to electronically interchange
information in documents, in email, and on the WWW. I am looking for
examples on the WWW of technical information in English and that display
some or all of the technical symbols incorrectly. I know that recent
Unicode discussions described problems with web pages with multilingual text
but I did not archive the discussion. Also, I am unsure if the discussion
identified any web pages with technical symbols in English.

Thanks in advance,
Ed Hart

P.S. My response should not affect my ability to continue working on

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