Re: missing Latin letter for transcription

From: John Cowan (
Date: Wed Mar 17 1999 - 13:22:05 EST

Arno Schmitt wrote:

> 2.) Modifier Letter left/right half Ring 02BE and 02BF are
> described as transcript of Arabic hamzah and ain.
> BUT hamzah and ain are letters, not Modifier letters.

"Modifier letter" is a vaguely defined concept.

> There are normal letters, can be the first or the last letter of a
> word, or stand in between. They can be doubled and you can
> hyphenate before and after it (depending on the other letters of
> the word).

Most modifier letters (including these two) are alphabetic: they can
appear at beginnings of words, be doubled, and in general behave
like ordinary alphabetic characters.

The main point about modifier letters is negative: they are not
non-spacing diacritics, nor are they symbols, despite often having
counterparts that are either non-spacing diacritics or symbols.

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