Re: missing Latin letter for transcription

From: Arno Schmitt (
Date: Thu Mar 18 1999 - 01:48:25 EST

peter_constable@SIL.ORG schrieb:
> Is there a reason why THAA 062B can't be transliterated using
> s/S followed by COMBINING MACRON 0331? This would be the
> canonical decomposition in any case (cf entries for 1E6E and
> 1E6F) so why not promote the use of normalised data?

S/s followed by Combining Macron Below 0331 is fine.
But what is the reason for having T/t with line below (1E6E, 1E6F)
and not having the correspondent S/s with line below?
Most of the Latin letters from 00C0 to 1EFF (exceptions being
00C6, 00E6; 00DE, 00FE; 00DF; 0132, 0133; 0152, 0153; 0182 to
01F7; 021C, 021D) can be decomposed = are not necessary.
Since some of the letters in 1E00 to 1EFF are only used for
transliterating non-latin letters / transcribing non-latin
I do not understand why not adding the last missing letter I need.

Arno Schmitt

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