Re: UTF-8: Michael takes the plunge

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Mon Apr 05 1999 - 13:22:59 EDT

Ar 09:22 -0700 1999-04-05, scríobh John Jenkins:

>GoLive's CyberStudio will correctly generate UTF-8 using the Text Encoding
>Converter. The latest Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator will
>correctly read it.

CyberStudio is not in the Info-Mac archives. And I fear that the Text
Encoding Converter, because it is not configurable by even the expert user
like myself, will only support WorldScript code sets released by Apple. As
it happens, however, I have developed some of these myself. Some time ago I
talked with some folks at Apple about this and I think it was Peter Edberg
who said that unless you were him, you couldn't do much with the TECs....

>I know that BBEdit has been enhancing their TEC support. It may be that the
>latest release will correctly generate Unicode for the full range of Mac
>scripts; I don't know.

I can only find BBEdit Lite in the Info-Mac archives.

There are three issues: one, definition of TEC modules for my character set
(Mac Gaelic, released in the Irish localization of 6.0.7 as it happens) and
two, getting that expressed in UTF-8 somehow. Three, displaying that in
something that runs on my machine.

This isn't for anything more exotic than Irish Gaelic, by the way.

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