Re: UTF-8: Michael takes the plunge

From: Mark H. David (
Date: Mon Apr 05 1999 - 21:18:46 EDT

You've much to boast of, it's true, but there's a problem with

>We've had a full Unicode rendering engine in Mac OS since Mac OS 8.5 (with
>full Unicode input support as well), but applications haven't been revised

But there is no way still to have a keyboard that inputs
a composed character from a single keystroke, right? (I'm
aware there are some localized systems where this has been
fixed, but not generally.)

So, this limitation, which Unicode, Inc. presumably
envisioned as a very transient legacy, lives on, making
languages with composed Unicode sequences "second class",
still! Not what I'd call "full Unicode input support",
at least not in the real spirit of Unicode.

Mark David

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