Re: Viewing Extended Latin characters, was UTF-8...

From: Frank Sledge (
Date: Tue Apr 06 1999 - 02:46:16 EDT

>From: "Deborah Goldsmith" <>

>To see various languages on the Mac you need to install the appropriate
>script systems.

Thanks very much. That was in fact quite helpful, and I can now
see some Russian, Chinese and Japanese text using Netscape and looking at
some utf-8 test pages. Very cool! One problem, though... I installed
the GX fonts, the GX version of ATM, and the GX Graphics init, but
the browser is not displaying extended Latin characters at all,
no A with a macron over it, no c-circumflex, no g-breve.
I've selected Hoefler as the font for Unicode and tried nearly every
option in the View/Encoding menu. Is there yet another setting I've

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