Re: Viewing Extended Latin characters, was UTF-8...

From: John Jenkins (
Date: Tue Apr 06 1999 - 11:15:53 EDT

Frank Sledge <>:

>>From: "Deborah Goldsmith" <>
>>To see various languages on the Mac you need to install the appropriate
>>script systems.
> Thanks very much. That was in fact quite helpful, and I can now
> see some Russian, Chinese and Japanese text using Netscape and looking at
> some utf-8 test pages. Very cool! One problem, though... I installed
> the GX fonts, the GX version of ATM, and the GX Graphics init, but
> the browser is not displaying extended Latin characters at all,
> no A with a macron over it, no c-circumflex, no g-breve.
> I've selected Hoefler as the font for Unicode and tried nearly every
> option in the View/Encoding menu. Is there yet another setting I've
> overlooked?

Unfortunately, not. Netscape isn't drawing Unicode directly, either through
ATSUI or through GX; it's splitting the Unicode up into runs of various Mac
script encodings and drawing those. Characters which aren't in any of the
Mac scripts will not be drawn. Having GX present (or not) doesn't make any
difference; Netscape isn't paying it any attention.

John H. Jenkins

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