RE: UTF-8: Michael takes the plunge

From: Herbert Elbrecht (
Date: Thu Apr 08 1999 - 14:44:14 EDT

Herman Ranes wrote:

> Michael Everson skreiv:
>> I got one answer, what to paste in the header. The other question, what
>> CAPITAL LETTER D WITH DOT ABOVE is, remains unanswered....
> Open your HTML file in an 8-bit editor, and paste in the three WIN-1252
> bytes S ; that's the UTF-8 representation of 0x1E0A - CAPITAL LETTER D

> as it can be found in

Look at:
for a more up-to-date version of "UNIcodeX," etc.

As MacUser you should be able to "copy & paste" the "UTF-8 code" of the
"character displayed" - this works with all not-displayed characters as
well and even with all not-yet allocated characters - i.e. from "0000"
throught "FFFF". You just have to know the character's location then!

But you have to select the "character/slot" in question rather quickly,
before Netscape mechanics intervene - thats the way I did all my
homepage in UTF-8!

Herbert Elbrecht

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