UTF-8: Michael takes the plunge

From: Constantine Stathopoulos (cstath@irismedia.gr)
Date: Wed Apr 07 1999 - 08:24:32 EDT

On 6/4/1999, at 10:12 рм, Markus Kuhn wrote:

>Netscape obviously can't handle Irish characters at the moment, but then
>this is Netscape's problem and not yours. Under Linux I also see only
>question marks, and even though I have various good ISO 10646-1 fonts
>installed on my system (e.g., my 6x13, Mark Leisher's ClearlyU, or
>Roman's Unifont), Netscape on Linux does not allow me at the moment to
>use these.

UTF-8 input in Netscape may not be fully implemented yet, but I think that cut+paste of UTF-8 text blocks from Unicode-aware applications to Netscape Composer should work.

Michael and Markus may also find <http://noel.ozo.com/test/byz/index.html> interesting, especially for font-testing purposes on well-known, non-copyrighted, Unicode text ;-)

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Constantine Stathopoulos,
Iris Media Internet Solutions.

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