From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Sat Apr 10 1999 - 18:24:54 EDT

    Erik> I can see their point. If you use 0xFFFD for DEFAULT_CHAR, then you
    Erik> can't tell whether that glyph is being displayed because *you*
    Erik> didn't have a *glyph* or because *Unicode* didn't have a *character*
    Erik> for whatever the user is trying to display. 0x0000 seems more like a
    Erik> valid control char to me. How about using 0xFFFF ("guaranteed not to
    Erik> be a Unicode character at all") for X11's DEFAULT_CHAR?

The black square representing 0xFFFE and 0xFFFF in the Unicode book might be
mistaken for one of the characters from the BLOCK ELEMENTS section of Unicode.
How about a black square with a white "FFFF" in the middle? Maybe someone
can come up with something more clever.
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