From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Sun Apr 11 1999 - 16:54:40 EDT

    Markus> I have tried to use 0xFFFF, but curiously this has caused a space
    Markus> character to be displayed for unavailable glyphs instead of
    Markus> DEFAULT_CHAR. I have therefore used 0xFFFE as the DEFAULT_CHAR
    Markus> value, which is equally guaranteed not to be a valid Unicode
    Markus> character. The glyph shape that I have decided on is a white
    Markus> rectangle of the size of an "H" with a dotted or dashed
    Markus> border. This glyph is easily distinguishable from any existing
    Markus> Unicode character and it symbolizes (at least for me) very well
    Markus> that there is something missing here.

Good idea. The ClearlyU fonts will follow suit soon.
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