RE: [Proposal] Extended UTF-16 by using

From: Masahiko Maedera (
Date: Tue Apr 13 1999 - 17:31:04 EDT

Dear, Mr.Geoffrey Waigh,

  Thank you for your comments.

>>I'm quite willing to deal with numerous complexities when implementing
>>Unicode (like composing character sequences,) which are clearly necessary
>>to efficiently implement various people's scripts.

  I think so, and I also would like to use these kinds of softwares.

>>I understand the problem quite well. They want to adapt Unicode to encode
>>a large swath of non-Unicode type data and are now asking the rest of the
>>world to modify their software so that this non-Unicode data will be
>>processed in some fashion correctly.

  In this condition, you may be right.
  but at present, some people must give up to use convenient UTF-16
  including Win32API, *in fact*.
  In future, if Unicode Standard will define 1114113th character
  (1114113 means 0x110001 which is over UTF-16 ),
  all people (not only CJK users) must give up to use
  current UTF-16 libraries. It is a unhappy thing indeed.

  I *cordially* hope this will not happen.

Best regards,
  Masahiko Maedera.

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