Re: [Proposal] Extended UTF-16 by using Plane 14

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Sun Apr 18 1999 - 14:23:16 EDT

I am aware of that TR. Because of the goal of synchronization with ISO 10646,
there is a difference between being accepted for encoding in Unicode, and
being part of the Unicode standard; the latter being on a much longer
timeframe. See for more

The language tags (E0000..E007F) have been accepted for encoding, but are not
formally part of the Unicode standard, and are not included in Unicode 3.0.
"At the current time, the specifications in this technical report are
provided as information and guidance to implementers of the Unicode Standard,
but do not form part of the Standard itself."

We will be incorporating non-private-use surrogates into Unicode Standard
after Version 3.0.


Roozbeh Pournader wrote:

> Mark Davis wrote:
> >
> > - Since only private use characters are encoded as surrogates now, there
> > is no market pressure for implementation yet. It will probably be a
> > couple of years before surrogates are fully supported by a variety of
> > platforms.
> >
> Wrong! See
> In short, Plane 14 is used for tags, e.g. language tags.
> --Roozbeh


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