RE: We are not the only ones ...

From: Mark van Wijk (
Date: Mon Apr 19 1999 - 03:25:43 EDT


We use among others the following constructs, which work on 95,98, NT at
least with
several 'european' versions of them

BOOL WidthOk = GetCharWidth32W(DisplayContext.m_hDC, UC(uc0,0),
UC(uc0,0xff), Cache[uc0]);
if (WidthOk == false) {
        WidthOk = GetCharWidthW(DisplayContext.m_hDC, UC(uc0,0),
UC(uc0,0xff), Cache[uc0]);

GetCharWidth32W works on NT,
GetCharWidthW works on 95/98
in the win32 reference

GetCharWidth is maintained for compatibility with 16-bit versions of
Windows. Win32-based applications should call the GetCharWidth32
function, which provides more accurate results.

well this seams an documentation error

and to detect runtime availability of functions constructs like

        ::ToUnicode(0,0, KeyState, Buf, 10,0);
        DWORD Error = GetLastError();
        HasToUnicodeSupported = Error != ERROR_CALL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED;

further we use TextOutW functions for display.

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