We are not the only ones ...

From: Patrick (intera@easynet.co.uk)
Date: Thu Apr 15 1999 - 10:01:49 EDT


It appears that many issues concerning the binary incompatibility of a
Unicode program between Microsoft Windows 9x and Microsoft Windows NT are
still to be discussed.
Anyway, don't tell me we are the only ones facing this particular
globalisation problem. As of now, several possible solutions came to us :

- Have two binaries (one for NT, one for 9x), built from one source, but I
understand that if we compile MBCS for 9x, we'll have a hard time trying to
be compatible with totally different MBCSs
- Do not support 9x (I do not think this is an option)
- Buy some DLL that have been done to solve this problem
- And the list goes on ...

So, As I guess we are not the only ones to face this problem, could you talk
about your experience, how you solved this problem ..

Thank you very much in advance

Patrick Regnouf-Dardennes
Software Engineer
Symbian plc
Web : http://www.symbian.co.uk
E-mail : patrick.regnouf@symbian.com

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