Re: We are not the only ones ...

From: Erik van der Poel (
Date: Fri Apr 16 1999 - 20:10:02 EDT

Patrick wrote:
> It appears that many issues concerning the binary incompatibility of a
> Unicode program between Microsoft Windows 9x and Microsoft Windows NT are
> still to be discussed.

Yes, I am currently wrestling with this issue too. I did find a couple
of interesting articles on the Microsoft Web site:

Be careful, though, since I did find some inaccurate info in there. For
example, one of the articles says that GetTextExtentPoint32W works on
Win95 and Win98, but I have found that it crashes on Japanese Win95 if
you call it on a string with the single character U+00B7 or on some
multi-char strings containing U+017D or U+017E. (To be fair, I should
add that the author does urge the reader to test apps on various
versions of the OS.)

If anybody knows how to get around this Win95-J problem, preferably
without resorting to the "A" functions (e.g. GetTextExtentPoint32A),
could you let me know?


Erik van der Poel

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