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Date: Tue Apr 27 1999 - 04:52:08 EDT

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Texas Textbooks Coupon Fraud "On or Off the Drag"

by Richard Haas

Texas Textbooks, Inc. may have conspired to commit coupon fraud against 7-UP/Dr. Pepper. Sources claim that the President of Texas
Textbooks, Inc., Morris Woods, instructed managers to have his employees separate coupons and candies from Buy Back Promotional
Packages, that were put together by Market Source, Inc., and Within the Buy Back Promotional Packages were various
candies, gum, and a coupon for a free 20 oz. 7-UP, as well as other advertisements and promotions from various companies, such as Chevy,
University Subscription Service, Citibank, American Airlines, TIME magazine, Student Financial Services, BMG Music Service, and Sprint.
According to sources, the 7-UP coupons and candied were separated and put into boxes, while the rest of the packages were thrown into the
dumpster behind Texas Textbooks. These Buy Back Promotional Packages were supposed to have been given to students during the Fall Buy
Back season during finals week in December, 1998. The marketing company behind the packages, Market Source, Inc. was notified about the
problem in early January, 1999, but refused to do anything about it. Woods, when telephone regarding the alleged coupon fraud against
7-UP/Dr.Pepper, denied having any knowledge of the incident, and hung up the the telephone on a reporter. Several former employees claimed
that they were threatened with being fired when they refused to participate in the separation of the items. "Committing a possible felony is not
worth five dollars an hour," said a former employee. Seven Up/Dr. Pepper, University Subscription Service, Sprint, Chevrolet Motor
Company, and the Coupon Information Center (CIC) have also been notified of these activities. Fraud is a crime punishable under both state
and federal laws. Under Federal Law, a person convicted of mail fraud can be sentenced up to five years in prison and a fine of up to
$250,000 for each count of the indictment. In cases where the proceeds of the fraud are not reported for Federal Income Tax purposes,
conviction of tax evasion is punishable by up to 20 years imprisonment and up to a million dollar fine for each count.

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                            If you would like to express your concern about this, please contact:

                                                Morris Woods

                                         President, Texas Textbooks, Inc.

                                                1514 Parker Ln
                                             Austin, TX 78741-2563

                                                (512) 462-2149


                                               Texas Textbooks
                                            2410B E. Riverside Drive
                                               Austin, TX 78741
                                                (512) 443-1257

                                               Texas Textbooks
                                                2338 Guadalupe
                                               Austin, TX 78705
                                                (512) 478-9833

                                   Bonnie O'Neill-Totin

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