Unicode Consortium & ISO Organization

From: Ricardo Bermell Benet (rbermell@aimplas.es)
Date: Tue May 11 1999 - 04:48:29 EDT

(This messages follows my previous one, "Unicode Standard &
ISO-10646 Standard")

It seems that (full) documentation for Unicode won't be online and free
(gratis) for ever and ever, ¿why?

Is Unicode Consortium an organization "for profit", an altruist one,
or what kind of mixture? (Please, note i'm not criticising, simply
i don't know the answer)

ISO is a public organization, so one can expect (hopefully) its
documentation will some day be online and free. And more, one may
expect ISO standards won't ever have restrictions of royalties,
not restrictions of use (nor of documentation) for arbitrary
users or organizations. ¿What warranties of that kind supplies
Unicode Consortium?

Please, note i'm not trying to initiate a flame anything.
I only look for information.

With the best regards,

        Ricardo Bermell-Benet

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