Re: Unicode Consortium & ISO Organization

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Wed May 12 1999 - 16:52:43 EDT

Among other things, all good, Asmus said to Ricardo:

> the Consortium makes enough money through membership fees and a small
> amount of book royalties to continue its work.

Actually... The member companies also contribute HUMAN resources worth much
more than the membership fees. The labor of producing the standard is a
combination of (1) donated time by member companies of their UTC
representatives and support staff, and (2) the donated time of individual
contributors, officers, and experts around the world. Membership fees do not
pay for any of that; practically speaking, the fees pay for logistical
support, supplies, web-hosting, etc. The annual staff-time donations of
member companies probably amount to at least 2 or 3 times Unicode's annual

The Unicode Consortium does *NOT* actually make enough money through
membership fees to come anywhere CLOSE to paying for the actual cost of
producing and maintaining the standard. The standard gets maintained and
enhanced because the member companies and individual contributors volunteer
their time and resources to the cause.


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